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Against All Odds: The Best Comebacks Ever

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Just When You Thought It Was The End.

Everybody loves a comeback. The plot of countless movies and works of fiction, comebacks inspire us and show us what true human potential looks like. Throughout history, some of the best stories are about the underdogs who defied all the odds to achieve a major victory.

Know a good comeback story? Redditors shared their favorite examples of people who surprised us all with their incredible stories of success in history’s best comebacks.

Here’s what they came up with!

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Prepare to feel inspired.

Scratch_That_Itch: Apollo 13

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m0rris0n_hotel: “A failure in terms of the actual mission objectives but a huge success in overcoming adversity. That could have been such a major disaster for NASA. Instead it’s a good example of crisis management and everyone keeping their wits about them.
Plus an excellent movie to boot. Take that, all the other Apollo missions!”

B_For_Bandana: Humans

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“Seventy thousand years ago, the Toba supervolcano in Indonesia went through one of the largest volcano eruptions that have ever happened on Earth in 4.5 billion years of geology. The world was in an ice age at the time, and all the ash blocking the sun made it even worse. Average temperatures across the globe fell by 15 degrees, and stayed there for years after the eruption. It was like a nuclear winter. Everywhere, plants died and animals starved.

“The human population crashed. Estimates are uncertain, but some people think that in the couple of years after the eruption, all Homo Sapiens on the planet died, except for a group of a few thousand individuals in East Africa. It was 70,000 B.C. These people didn’t have anything. They had no idea why it had gotten so cold, or why everything was dying. They had fire, stone tools, and each other, and that was about it. A couple of thousand people is, what, a single section at a big sports stadium. That was everyone in the world. They were backed into the tightest of tight corners, and at night, through the ash, they could look up at an utterly indifferent universe, with no help coming for 13 billion light years in any direction. But they hung on, came back, and their descendants ended up taking over the whole goddamn planet. We are all here because of a few thousand people who did not go quietly.”