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Against All Odds: The Best Comebacks Ever

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diegojones4: Robert Downey, Jr.

comeback robert downey jr.

Credit: Ian Gavan/ Getty Images

“He was so f*cked up for so long that he was pretty much written off. Now he is probably more popular than ever.”

cobi100: Apple

comeback apple CNET

Source: Twitter @CNET/ Apple

m0rrison_h0tel: “They were basically on the way out in the late 90s. The stock price was at its lowest ever. Steve Jobs came back and was able to turn things around in a few years. And things just got better and better.”

Hypoxian: Nelson Mandela for sure.

comeback nelson mandela

Credit: Hamish Blair/ Getty Images

“Edit: To everyone who keeps saying he was a terrorist, the question was about the most unlikeliest comeback — regardless of whether he used violence, he was in prison for 27 years, then became president and peaceful man. I think that qualifies for an ‘against all odds’ comeback.”