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Always Say Goodnight to Your Significant Other and Other Tips From Old Married Couples

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≠How Do You Guys Do It?

Have you ever looked around at an old couple and wondered just how long they’ve been together, or imagined all the things they’ve seen?

Love is a many splendored thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s always pretty. Love and relationships are tough work, and the minute two people decided they want to spend all their time or even the rest of their lives together, they’d better be ready for some bumpy roads ahead.

So how do they do it? What’s the secret to a happy, long-lasting relationship?

Wise couples shared their best relationship advice on Reddit, and we trust that these tips are the key to enduring satisfaction and enjoyment with your significant other.

couple Travel_Addict

Source: Twitter @Travel_Addict

Check out their advice and try it in your own love life!

What will your last words be?

couple Kunal Mehta

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Army0fMe: The last words my wife hears from me as we part ways (either leaving the house or going to sleep) is “I Love You”. I’ll be damned if my last words to her are anything else.

A little ironic given the article, but:

couple carllamy

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mazya: Be careful with giving or receiving advice for relationships

It’s natural to look for advice in all forms to help us improve our situations or feel better about ourselves, but make sure the sources giving you advice are trustworthy and that their advice is best for you. Some solutions that work for other people aren’t meant to work in every situation.