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Amazing! Brain Implant Lets Quadriplegic Man Move!

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Big news, everyone! For the first time EVER, a quadriplegic man is able to move his fingers. How? A microchip was implanted in his brain. Ian Burkhart, 24, from Ohio is now able to move individual fingers to do various things, including play the video game “Guitar Hero” according to Nature.

Science and technology never ceases to do amazing, miraculous things for the human race. What a time to be alive!

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Credit: Ohio State University/ Batelle


Read about how this new chip works!

The magic chip

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Source: YouTube @nature video

A sensor was implanted inside Ian’s brain to read the activity of hundreds of neurons in his motor cortex. The microchip is able to read brain signals, which are then interpreted by a computer. It then stimulates Ian’s muscles with electric pulses that provides movement.

Dr Ali Rezai, the neurosurgeon who performed the procedure said, “We’re thrilled that Ian has progressed significantly with this technology. This really provides hope, we believe, for many patients in the future as this technology evolves and matures to help people who have disabilities from spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury or stroke to allow them to be more functional and more independent.”

Ian’s story

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Source: YouTube @nature video

Ian was injured in a diving accident almost six years ago. He was paralyzed below his elbows and even couldn’t talk immediatly afterwards. Damage to his spinal cord left messages from his brain unable to reach the rest of his body.