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Amazing Everyday Facts About Common Inventions

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Knowledge is power!

I love learning little facts about history. They can help you in a big way. Maybe you’ll use it to win at pub trivia, impress a date, or get on Jeopardy! Or you can just be known as the know-it-all amongst your group of friends.

Check out our list of who invented commonly used items. You use your smartphone for hours each day, but did you know when the first one was released? Or who decided Saturdays and Sundays are the days most of us get off? Do you know which American president invented the concept of jogging for exercise? Well you should find out now!

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The Weekend

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Having Saturdays and Sundays off was the idea of Henry Ford. In 1926, he began shutting down his automotive factories for all of Saturday and Sunday. Even though he hated labor unions, he gave his workers two days off a week before he even had to.

Saying “Hello!”

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Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, tried to get everyone to answer their telephones with “Ahoy!” Thomas Alva Edison went with “Hello!”, which caught on. Another contender was “What is wanted?”