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Amazing Post-it Life Hacks You Need To See

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Let’s face it — we are all guilty of doodling constantly while daydreaming. Maybe you’re on the phone and need something to do with your hands or bored in class, tiny doodles are something everyone has done at some point or another. Well a London-based designer named Chaz Hutton has taken his doodling to new heights.

Hutton’s drawings are actually useful bar charts, Venn diagrams and other observances about everyday life. But he does them all on Post-it notes and then posts them on his Instagram. Sound boring? It’s anything but. The issues he address we can all relate to, whether it be laziness, trying to order at a restaurant or breaking down movies. What this guy does in a tiny Post-it note is more interesting than most things on the internet.

Check them out!

1. Psych!

chaz hutton post it note 001

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

(Love the buffering dots, by the way)

2. This is me!

chaz hutton post it note 010

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

3. You’re one of two types at a party.

chaz hutton post it note 002

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

He forgot to add in if there’s a cat. Always hang out with the cat.

4. This can apply to any day, really.

chaz hutton post it note 003

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

5. This one is captioned “Um…. You go first”

chaz hutton post it note 004

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

6. You can’t argue with the stats

chaz hutton post it note 005

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

7. OMG, it’s soooo hard!

chas htuton post it note 006

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

8. We wants some chill, precious.

chas hutton post it note 007

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

9. Window or aisle seat, the eternal question.

chaz hutton post it note 008

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

10. A good guide.

chas hutton post it note 009

Source: Instagram @instachaaz

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