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Amazing Teacher Goes Viral When He Creates Rap to Inspire Students

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Did you ever have the pleasure of being taught by an inspiring teacher? A teacher who truly cares about their students seems to be few and far between. Certain educators have a knack for making learning fun and interesting. The feeling of them encouraging you to do better and live up to your potential is amazing. Many kids don’t have emotional support at home, so it’s amazing to find a teacher who pushes and celebrates their achievements.

Recently, one teacher in Chicago used an uncommon method to get kids more interested in learning: A rap video. About school. How cool could this really be?

dwayne reed reading

Source: YouTube @Ty Gothtam

Watch it here!

Introducing the Coolest Teacher

teacher dwayne reed rapping at desk

Source: YouTube @Ty Gothtam

Dwayne Reed is a first-year teacher at Jane Stenson Elementary School in a suburb of Chicago. He knows that kids dread going to back to school after a few months of carefree Summer fun. So how could he get them excited for the new school year? Who wants a boring letter or email that students and parents don’t even read? With a catchy rap called “Welcome to the 4th Grade.” In the song Mr. Reed lets his students know that he wants his classroom to be a place of discipline, respect, positivity, and also fun.

Collaborate and Listen

dwayne reed dressed up as a scientist

Source: YouTube @Ty Gothtam

Mr. Reed got together with a local artist to write a rap song and shoot a music video. The music video that accompanies the song was posted to YouTube on a Saturday, had more than 150,000 views by that Tuesday. Reed appeared on Good Morning America and said he wanted to use his talent for music for good. He came up with the idea and recorded the song in one day.