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American Beauty: Photographer Challenges Female Beauty Standards

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american beauty woman 3

Source: Instagram/ @careylynne/ Carey Fruth

She writes on her Instagram, “American Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and age!”

See more of her collection, which singlehandedly redefines beauty!

Redefining Beauty

american beauty woman 4

Source: Instagram/ @careylynne/ Carey Fruth

The photoshoot reminds us that beauty has no single definition. There is no way to measure beauty, to quantify it, to own it. Beauty is inherent in all of us, but we choose our own ways to share it and let it shine.

Love the Skin You’re In

american beauty woman 5

Source: Instagram/ @careylynne/ Carey Fruth

It’s amazing to see all of these real women proudly displaying their bodies and fully acknowledging that they’re beautiful, regardless of what society tells them.