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Amputee War Veteran Shares His True Feelings About Muslims

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Hate Not Here.

In our daily lives, it’s so easy to take an insult personally and hold a grudge against a certain someone for a period of time. We’re only human, and forgiveness can be more difficult than we imagine sometimes. That being said, we could all learn a lesson from army veteran Chris Herbert.

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, anti-Muslim sentiment plagues people’s thoughts, words, and social media posts, from the most famous politicians to the many workers and neighbors around us, and even people that have no personal experience with people who practice Islam are quick to make misinformed decisions based on the rumors and lies they’ve read on the internet or heard on the TV.

Chris Herbert’s life was changed forever after he lost his leg in Iraq, and given today’s strong anti-Muslim feelings, he decided it was time to lash out against the hate spewing from people who are much less affected by terrorism than he has been.

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Source: Facebook @Chris Herbert

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About Chris

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Source: Facebook @Chris Herbert

From Portsmouth, England, Chris enlisted in the army when he was younger. He later lost his right leg while serving in Basra, Iraq in 2007, but has lived an active and fulfilling life as an amputee ever since.

In fact, before his viral Facebook post last week, Chris had previously been in the news for the hysterical photos he’s posted online regarding the funny things he does with his missing limb, such as drawing faces on it or cleverly using it in a costume.


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Source: Facebook @Chris Herbert

Since Chris lost his leg in an explosion triggered by a Muslim man, many people might expect him to hold a grudge against the forces, country, or community that planned the assault. In fact, Chris wrote on his Facebook that some Islamophobic groups even thought he would make a good “poster child” for their hateful cause.

By this point, however, Chris had had enough of the hate-mongering, and he decided to take to Facebook to make his feelings clear once and for all.