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Angry Fans Attempt To #BoycottBeyonce During Superbowl Over Anti-Police Song

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Kristen Wasn’t Alone. Thousands Took To Twitter To #BoycottBeyoncé

Twitter users hashtag #boycottbeyoncé during super bowl 50

Source: Twitter @ Kathy Camp, Bobbye Bogart Orona, Jessica Price

I’m letting my bias show, but thousands of misinformed users took to Twitter to express their outrage at the fact that the NFL would let Beyoncé perform such a “racist,” “inflammatory,” and “anti-police” song at the Super Bowl. Needless to say, their cries were drowned out tenfold by the expressions of adoration and support for Queen Bey. But the fact that so many people are expressing their views offense at the hand Beyoncé means that the political message of “Formation” is working.

Discussion and education are the strongest tools in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Keep Reading to see what the people of the internet had to say about the #BoycottBeyoncé protest.

People Who Think #BlackLivesMatter Means That Police Lives Don’t Are Missing The Point

It really bothers me how far people miss the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement. How the fuck is “stop…

Posted by Erik Horton on Sunday, February 7, 2016

As Facebook user Erik Horton eloquently and colorfully pointed out, when Beyoncé sits on top of a sinking patrol car in her video for “Formation,” her message isn’t “kill all of the police, they’re the worst.” What she’s addressing is the systematic issue that plagues our justice system when the implicit racism of our police forces prevent them from upholding the right to liberty of all Americans.

Preach, Erik. Preach.

These Thoughts Are Pretty Much Summed Up Nice n’ Easy In This Post

LOL at the butt-hurt #BoycottBeyonce morons, making ‘Formation’ about a false, anti-police rhetoric, instead of the pro black anthem it is.

Posted by Bryce Arrington on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mmmmmmmmhmm. Strong words, Bryce, but good reminder that “Formation” doesn’t put down ANYONE – the principle message here is that Beyoncé is proud of her black heritage, and she’s tired of the police brutality. That’s really it.