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Animal or Food Is the Best New Viral Meme

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Puppy or Bagel? Why Not Both?!

Do you love animals? Of course you do, if you have a soul. Do you love food? If you have a stomach you definitely do.

And combining the best of the two doesn’t mean eating fuzzy cutie pies. The latest viral meme we can’t get enough of mashes up two of the greatest things on earth: pets and foods!

Ever notice how your cat sometimes sits like a loaf of bread? Well Karen Zack can see more than that in pets. She’s starting to go viral with her tweets of photos comparing things like curled up puppies to delicious golden bagels.

Check out some of her hilarious work and the trend she’s started!

pets intro

Source: Twitter @teenybiscuit

Can you tell these apart?

Chihuahua or Muffin?

pets 1

Source: Twitter @teenybiscuit

Sheepdog or Mop?

pets 2

Source: Twitter @teenybiscuit