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Animals That Evolution Has Screwed Over The Most

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Irish Elk

Bull Elk Image ID:328633718 Copyright: David Osborn

Credit: David Osborn/Shutterstock

I haven’t seen the Irish Elk mentioned yet. They evolved enormous horns through sexual selection and they went extinct because, according to one common theory, the horns made them ineffective at life overall. The males had to have constant neck pain. (deathuntoourenemies)

Perpetuation of unrealistic sexual standards is real(Ololic)

The Kiwi

New Zealand Kiwi bird chick held in safe hands Image ID:374485312 Copyright: Urban Napflin

Credit: Urban Napflin/Shutterstock

The kiwi bird, its a large round body with a massive beak, cant fly, cant climb, cant defend itself from anything. According to ancient maori tales, tastes amazing. (That-nz-guy)

Luna Moths

Luna Moth isolated on branch Image ID:442363297 Copyright: JasonYoder

Credit: JasonYoder/Shutterstock

Adult moths of the Saturniidae family (luna moths, etc.) have no mouths or digestive tracts and die of starvation. Their sole purpose after pupating is to reproduce and die. (pawedbar)

I Have No Mouth and I Must Breed. (MobileCarbon)