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Animals That Have Superhero Powers

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Hairy Frogs

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Source: Twitter @Shoe393

This Central African frog gains its name from the hair-like extensions along its body that are believed to help it gather more oxygen while underwater. The frogs are well known for their ability to break their own bones in their feet and push them through the skin, forming “claws” of sorts when threatened. This behavior has earned the animal the nickname “Wolverine frog.”

Pit Vipers

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Certain snake species like the pit viper has the ability to see in infrared thanks to the pit organ located between the eye and nostril on both sides of the head. When prey comes into range, even blind snakes can determine their location.

Dragon Millipedes

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Source: Twitter @SeriousStrange

Stay away from these little guys, they can shoot out hydrogen cyanide at their predators.