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Anti-Gay Hate Group Accidentally Raises Money For LGBT Group

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For LGBTI youth, this night could be a life-changing event.

Hundreds of teens each year look forward to the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal as a night to truly embrace who they are in a judgment-free environment.

Run by the youth-led support network Minus 18, the event is described as “A night to wear what you want, come with who you want, and just be yourself!”

Drug- and alcohol-free and designed for people under the age of 21, the dance is a unique opportunity for LGBTI youth, as Minus 18 CEO says, “It’s a sucky reality for gender diverse and same sex attracted students from all over Australia, who are bullied or made to feel unsupported because of their identity.”

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Source: Minus 18

When one anti-gay hate group tried crashing the event, they overlooked one crucial detail.

Minus 18 is Australia’s largest network for LGBTI youth.

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The incredible network provides a wide array of programs and support, from mentors and resources to social events, even mental health and peer mentoring sessions. One of their most popular events is the Same Sex Formal, which they help host in various Australian states each year.

The Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal, an alternative school dance, is pitched as “a chance for us to say to schools ‘Hey, you need to do more to support us; you need to challenge transphobia and homophobia.'”

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Minus 18 runs various dances and formals throughout the year to give LGBTI Australian youths across the nation an opportunity to have a fun night, free of societal pressure, dressed as they please and dancing with whomever they please.