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Anti-Gay Hate Group Accidentally Raises Money For LGBT Group

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For this year’s upcoming formal in Victoria, Minus 18 decided to crowdfund tickets online, asking for donations from the public to help youth who couldn’t afford the $40 tickets.

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Source: Facebook @Minus18

And that’s exactly when the Stop Safe Schools Coalition–a repulsive hate group who I won’t link to here–hatched a plan to ruin the formal.

For background, the Safe Schools Coalition is an international partnership that aims to support LGBTI youth by working with schools to teach faculty, students, and staff appropriate and accepting means and measures to make the institutions welcome places of learning for all, especially students with alternative lifestyles.

The Stop Safe Schools Coalition attacks the program on the regular, claiming that it aims to corrupt and pervert the straight children of Australia by forcing “unnatural” lifestyles upon them.

In order to prevent alternative lifestyle teens from attending the formal, the Stop Safe Schools Coalition posted online urging its Facebook fans to buy up as many tickets as possible, using Minus 18’s own link.

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Source: Facebook @Stop Safe Schools Coalition/ lgbtqnation

The hate group’s mentality was the more tickets they bought, the fewer teens would be able to attend. Sounds pretty evil, right?

Unfortunately for the Stop Safe Schools Coalition, the plot was not only evil, but dumb.

Since Minus 18 was crowdsourcing to help teens attend the event, each ticket “purchased” was actually an automatic donation to an LGBTI teen in need, who could then attend the formal for free. Instead of ruining the dance, the hate group subsidized the ticket costs for all the attendees.

Minus 18 originally set a crowdfunding goal of $15,000 (500 tickets), but they shortly reached almost $30,000 thanks to the hate group.

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