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Anti-Woman “Neomasculinist” Group Is The Ugly Side Of Free Speech

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Neomasculinism Is Here, And It’s Terrifying

In 1791, freedom of speech was established in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution right alongside freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble. In 1948, the United Nations recognized freedom of speech as a human right in the International Declaration of Human Rights. The great thing about free speech is that it provides a platform of the underdog to get their ideas out in the open. Without free speech, we may never have succeeded in the most crucial social movements of the last two hundred years: abolishing slavery and segregation and winning the right for same-sex couples to marry are just two examples of how the right has shaped our own culture in America.

But for all of the positive effects of freedom of speech, we have to remember that there is an ugly twin to the right of expression and assembly. “Return Of Kings” is the embodiment of this aspect: the self-described “neomasculinists” are essentially the exact opposite of radical, bra-burning feminists. Among their most controversial positions is the fact that the mens who subscribe to the ideals of neomasculinism believe that raping women should be legal, as long as it’s on private property. I’m sorry, what?

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Source: Twitter @ReturnOfKIngs

The new news on the “Return Of Kings” is that the movement has a much larger number of supporters than most rational humans might expect, with over a million users on its website. On February 6th, 2016 (as in THIS week), the neomasculinists are planning to congregate at 44 locations across the world. The ordeal is being organized by professional douchebag Daryush Valizadeh, and if the meet-up goes as he plans, there could be some serious, even violent repercussions involved.

Who is this guy? What is this group? What will happen at the meet-ups on Saturday?

Keep reading to learn more about “Return Of Kings” and their anti-woman mission

What Is Return Of Kings? A Giant Step In The Wrong Direction

tweet from Return of Kings account

Source: Twitter @ReturnOfKIngs

Return Of Kings, also known as ROK, runs a website that acts as a common ground for misogynists to congregate and share their ideas. “A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty,” the website reads. The website is advertised as a “safe space for heterosexual men” who need a place to discuss their beliefs that “men should be masculine and women should be feminine.” The short version: ROK appeals to an audience that reads articles like the one ROK tweeted above.

“ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favour of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men.” With a mission statement like this, you can only imagine the kinds of attitudes that are expressed in the subtopics.

Who Is Daryush Valizadeh? Basically The Voldemort Of Feminism


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Valizadeh is the creator of the group, a self-proclaimed “neomasculinist,” and the views he expresses about women are frankly shocking. In one blog post, he wrote “Without daddy government to protect her, a girl would absolutely not enter a private room with a man she doesn’t know or trust unless she is absolutely sure she is ready to sleep with him,” suggesting that women should be aware that they are nothing more than sexual object for men.

Valizadeh is the self-published author 15 books that are guides to “picking up women,” but read more like date-rape how-to’s. Furthermore, Valizadeh advises that men “stop asking for permission,” and believes that rape should be legal on private property, because once a woman has entered a man’s house, it’s implied that she has already consented to having sex with him. Oh, he also believes that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and that transgender women sleeping with heterosexual men should considered rape.