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Are You An Instagram Husband?

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What is an Instagram Husband? Well it’s the poor signifigant others who are forced to take photos of their wives and girlfriends for the sole purpose of putting said pictures on Instagram. The Mystery Hour made a video entitled “Instagram Husband.” The video explains and features three poor men whose wives subject them to camera phone torture for the sake of vanity and bragging. “I’m basically a human selfie stick,” laments one husband.

instagram husband 001

Source: Youtube @The Mystery Hour

This hilarious video is a must watch for any man (or woman) whose S.O. is addicted to sharing their lives on Instagram. “We used to eat our food… Now we just take pictures of it.” Seem familiar? You’re not alone.

phone taking photos of woman

Source: Youtube @The Mystery Hour

The Mystery Hour even made a website where Instagram Husbands can get together and share their stories and get help. Real life Instagram Husbands are being encouraged to post their stories using the hashtag #instagramhusband on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or ‘whatever hell other social media your Instagram Wife uses that you don’t know about.”

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