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Artist Creates Amazing Optical Illusions On His Own Hand

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“Everyone can learn how to draw if it is a passion, maybe not in the same way or at the same pace, but everyone can achieve their goals eventually.”

Any good artist can find beauty in anything. They are able to use just about any object to create what’s in their minds and hearts. While special effects artists can create amazing things with makeup up and molding, Jordan Molina (aka TutoDraw) uses his own body as his canvas. More specifically: His left hand. Using various pens and pencils and markers, he creates temporary hyperrealistic objects and illusions on himself. The French artist can be found on YouTube where you can see him in action.

optical hand illusion 09

Source: YouTube @TutoDraw


Get ready to be amazed!

Spider and web

optical hand illusion 03

Source: YouTube @TutoDraw

Floating ball bearing

optical hand illusion 02

Source: YouTube @TutoDraw