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Artist Creates Stunning, Lifelike Portraits of Your Favorite Disney Characters

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You’d think people would get sick of all the different ways artists can reimagine Disney characters, then you are wrong. Everyone loves them and (myself included) and, like some of my friends, I’m not even a Disney fanatic. Taking beloved Disney characters and making them your own is such a neat and beautiful idea. Seeing princesses as kick-ass modern feminists or even Disney men in the buff is fun and refreshing. Check out talented artist Heather Theurer, who presented some of her newest art at WonderCon in LA this past week. What sets her apart? The colors and details that are reminiscent of Renaissance art.

Be sure to check out Heather’s Facebook and website!

frozen twitter

Source: Twitter @ERDLSBlog

I need these on my wall!

Heather’s Alice in Wonderland really sums up the chaos and the characters in the film. Love the detail on Alice’s outfit and the lost expression on her face.

alice painting

Source: Facebook @Heather Theurer Artist

This take on The Little Mermaid is my favorite. Ariel is looking forlorn at the shore with the ominous waves crashing around her. It’s deep, sad, and beautiful.

mermaid painting

Source: Facebook @Heather Theurer Artist