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Artist Makes 2,340 PB&J Sandwiches To Honor Her Devoted Mother

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So what happened to all of those tasty sandwiches?

peanut butter and jelly supplies

Source: Instagram @mewithoutthee

The sandwiches were delivered twice a day to Bowery Mission, who accepts food donations 24 hours a day, and distributes it to the needy and homeless. While Olah raised most of the money for the project herself through an IndieGoGo campaign, fortunately some of the materials were also donated – like the 18 9lb. tubs of peanut butter from Once Again.

Chances are Olah won’t be making herself a PB&J to chow down on any time soon, but sh hopes that the act will remind others to show their appreciation for the more mundane acts of love associated with mothering.

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