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Artist Makes Famous Paintings Gluten Free

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Does That Have Gluten in It?

We GET it. You have an *allergy* and you really can’t eat products containing gluten.

You aren’t doing this because it’s trendy or because you think it will help you lose weight. You’re avoiding gluten products because you’ve been told by a medical professional to do so. We get it.

And this Tumblr totally gets you, too. That’s why they’ve revamped some of the world’s most famous works of art to bring you new art that we know you’ll be able to digest.

gluten free paintings arcimboldo

Source: Tumblr/ Gluten Free Museum

Start the slideshow below to see the most hilarious gluten free paintings around! Then SHARE with your other friends who live gluten-free.

Anna Ancher

gluten free paintings anna ancher

Source: Tumblr/ Gluten Free Museum

Just a stroll in the grass.

Daniel Spoerri

gluten free paintings daniel spoerri

Source: Tumblr/ Gluten Free Museum

We should have smaller portion sizes, anyway.