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Artist Makes Police Sketches of Popular Literary Characters

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Jack Torrance

police sketch jack torrance the shining

Source: Tumblr/ The Composites/ Imgur/ AmbitiousFall

Another famous King character, does Jack Nicholson fit this description?

“Jack, a small, balding man in a banker’s suit and a quiet gray tie […] his eyes had been light blue […] but the lips still made a bow and the complexion was fair […] His eyes were far away and cloudy. His hair hanging in his eyes, like some heavy animal. A large dog… or a lion.”

Marla Singer

police sketch marla singer fight club

Source: Tumblr/ The Composites/ Imgur/ AmbitiousFall

Helena Bonham Carter may have put her typical personality into Chuck Palahniuk’s Marla Singer for the Fight Club film, but in the novel, she is characterized like this:

“Black hair and pillowy French lips. Faker. Italian dark leather sofa lips […] Her eyes are brown. Her earlobes pucker around earring holes, no earrings […] Her skin was clearing up […] Marla never has any fat of her own […] Short matte black hair, big eyes the way they are in Japanese animation, skim milk thin, buttermilk sallow in her dress with a wallpaper pattern of dark roses […] The color of Marla’s brown eyes is like an animal that’s been heated in a furnace and dropped into cold water. They call that vulcanized or galvanized or tempered.”

Katniss Everdeen

police sketch katniss everdeen hunger games

Source: Tumblr/ The Composites/ Imgur/ AmbitiousFall

Many of us are familiar with the distinct look that Jennifer Lawrence has leant to Hunger Games protagonist Katniss Everdeen, and based on the composite sketch, it looks like she fit the bill pretty perfectly.