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Artist Makes Streets Friendlier with ‘The Good News’ Project

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Doesn’t it always seem like no news is good news?

South African artist Jaco Haasbroek decided to do something to make the world a much happier place, and so he started The Good News, a project to brighten up the streets with funny and fictional headlines.

Most of the false headlines involve some degree of wordplay that, along with their pleasant nature, turn your average neighborhood into an uplifting place that will surely change any passerby’s demeanor.

Haasbroek keeps track of his Good News on his Instagram page, but we’ve brought you some of our favorites from his gallery.

the good news 1

Source: Instagram @thegoodnewsza

Start the slideshow below to see The Good news in action. It’s guaranteed to brighten your day. Pay it forward and SHARE with a friend!

Great Quote

the good news 2

Source: Instagram @thegoodnewsza

How Low Can You Go?

the good news 3

Source: Instagram @thegoodnewsza