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Artist Takes Different Drugs To Create Different Works of Art

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While we do not endorse drug use, we are aware that it exists out there

Graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, created a new style of making art. He spent twenty days taking twenty different drugs and making illustrations while high. The San Francisco-based artist said he “wanted to create opportunities to educate, whether related to psychedelics or art.” “Imagine the past, future, and linear time are gone,” Pollett explained. “You can just focus on your existence in the present. The idea of tomorrow is laughable. I can create art without concern of outsider judgment, without over analyzing my process, and intuitively enjoy creating the most honest work.”



Get ready for the most sober trip of your life

Day 1: Butylone

artist on drugs 01


Butylone is a psychedelic. This beauty heart as a brain has amazing hues of pink contrasted by aquamarine veins.

Day 2: G.H.B.

artist on drugs 02


GHB has many uses: An anesthetic, to treat conditions such as insomnia, clinical depression, narcolepsy, and alcoholism, and to improve athletic performance. It is also used as an intoxicant or date rape drug.