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Artist Uses Drawings To Capture How Awesome It Is To Be Single

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Valentine’s Day is thankfully done. For single people like me it can be just another day. Or it can be a day to reflect on your love life, past, present and future. That can lead to sadness and loneliness for many; but for others being single can be a breath of fresh air. My favorite parts are that I decorate my place the way I want it, walk around naked, and I don’t have deal with someone else’s mess.

Mexican artist Idalia Candelas creates illustrations that are simple, beautiful and poignant. She did a different drawing everyday for a month, calling it Inktober. This series is on why she enjoys being single. Browse her art and find comfort or justification on being single.

idalia candelas 01

Source: Instagram @idalia andelas


All the single ladies!

Smoking in bed

idalia candelas 02

Source: Instagram @idaliacandelas

So you might not be a smoker, but it’s the idea of doing what you want where you want in your own home.

Stretching out in bed

idalia candelas 01

Source: Instagram @idaliacandelas

No sharing the bed and naps whenever you want. You have your own personal space, which is invaluable.