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Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew 2 Inches During His Year in Space

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Some of the hardest effects to measure are the psychological ones.

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Source: Instagram @stationcdrkelly

Upon returning to Earth, astronauts have reported changes in taste, an altered mood, and even chronic pain as they readjust to life on our planet. Naturally, having spent so much time away from the Earth and its problems–not to mention seeing the entirety of humanity just by looking out the window–changes astronauts’ perspectives on life, sometimes making it difficult to readjust to a world that suddenly seems so much more insignificant.

And while studies are still being conducted on Scott Kelly, we’re just happy to welcome the astronaut home from his historical year in space.

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Source: NASA/ Twitter @ShuttleCDRKelly

After returning to Earth, it can take years for astronauts years to return their bodies to their pre-mission states. Luckily, these men and women are provided top-notch rehabilitation programs and medical coverage to return them to healthy, Earth-friendly states.

Scott Kelly and his brother Mark are providing scientists with a truly unique opportunity to study these and other changes that will make it easier to better prepare astronauts for life on the ISS and even Mars in the future.

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