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Chewy Boese

Chewy Boese spent her teenage years furiously making 'zines. She is a graduate of Fordham University, where she studied photography. She went on to not take photos. Instead, she worked her way up to the position of sous chef at a Michelin starred restaurant in NYC, while also writing a dating blog. Her favorite thing to cook is a legit Bolognese and she will ostracize anyone who puts sugar in theirs. Chewy currently lives in New Orleans for some unknown reason. She enjoys horror movies, good tattoos, graphic novels, Dorothy Parker poems, cats, makeup, collecting Furrybones, and changing up hair styles. Her favorite book is "Lolita," her favorite X-Man is Magneto, and her favorite band is Spoon. Chewy is a big proponent of mental health awareness and feminism/equality. Try to follow her on Twitter @ChewyPie.