The Internet at the Speed of Thought

Hannah Briggs

Hannah Briggs is an Editor at Warped Speed and comedy writer in her spare time. She graduated with a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Rochester and is currently pursuing her Master's in Creative Writing for Young Adults at Sierra Nevada College. Hannah has lived all over the place, but finally settled back in her hometown (Baltimore) earlier this year. The move home came after a after a year-long stint in New Orleans, during which time she learned all about life, love, and actually not as much about hurricane preparedness as you might think. When Hannah isn't editing other people's writing, she's pretending to write a novel so she looks legit next to her classmates in school. She probably won't ever finish it, tbh. She's a lover of murder podcasts, scented candles, french fries, and bad YA fiction. Not as much a fan of good fiction, whatever that means. Hannah also spends time watching Netflix for days straight, ranting about the superiority of television to cinema, cooking, snuggling her dog, and pretending to play guitar. Favorite writing/discussion/aggressive rant topics include early-2000s high school TV dramas, feminist outrage, and her dog French Bulldog, Frank. You can follow her on Twitter @NoBriggity. More importantly, you can follow her dog on Instagram @frankie_mydear.