The Internet at the Speed of Thought

Kate Johnson

Learning to read straight from dictionaries and encyclopedias not only turned Kaitlyn into a young know-it-all, but it also gave her an unraveling love of reading. From novels to poetry to short stories to magazines, her love of reading transformed into a love of writing and human nature. So, when young Kaitlyn grew into 18-year-old KJ and went off to college, she had no choice but to study journalism.  At Southeastern Louisiana University, KJ sharpened her skills in video production/editing, one-on-one interviewing and, of course, discovering, writing and editing content. Outside of class, KJ excelled in her roles as a reporter with the Southeastern Chanel and The Lion's Roar newspaper. As the president of the National Broadcasting Society on campus, she spent her free time learning even more with likeminded individuals. If she learned nothing else from her professors, mentors, and fellow students, KJ learned to listen to what people are n o t saying and follow that. In true journalistic nature, she carries that skill with her everywhere. Upon graduating from Southeastern with honors, KJ had acquired a skill set that her and her professors are most proud of. She left her alma mater with the knowledge that "every person on Earth has a story worth telling, and it's a journalist's job to tell it." Though KJ is in her work field, she never wants to stop learning and progressing. In the near future, she plans to go to graduate school for graphic design.  In the meantime, she's busy being great. Check her out on Twitter @kjthegirl.