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AWESOME Girls That Take Down Fat Shamers on Twitter

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Snapping a Shameless Selfie

If you thought bullying was bad when you were younger, you can only imagine how hard some kids have it today with the omnipresence of social media. Cyberbullying has become an international epidemic, with as much as 35% of teens having felt victimized in 2015 according to

This online intimidation doesn’t only affect children and teens, but their families and teachers as well. In fact, if you’ve ever read through the comments section on Facebook or another website, you might have seen that many of the aggressive “trolls” are adults themselves.

With rising suicide rates caused by cyberbullying, what can we do to stop the hate and spread the love instead? These young women, once victims of online body-shaming, have the perfect response.

body shaming sara petty posing intro

Source: Twitter @_spetty

Grin and bear it.

Sara Petty

body shaming sara petty posing

Source: Twitter @_spetty

In the case of Sara, it was truly her schoolmates and strangers online who were acting petty. Sadly, a trend on social media today, specifically caused by and aimed at girls, is to tweet or post “rules” about fashion and appearance that people should follow.

With hateful tweets along the lines of “If you weigh over 200 pounds you shouldn’t wear shorts!! Your the reason kids have nightmares #Nasty” and “THINGS YOU SHOULDNT DO wear a bikini if your over 200 pounds. then post a pic on facebook. its just wrong,” 20-year-old Sara Petty came back at the haters by doing exactly what they warned not to.

Since posting, her pictures have been retweeted nearly 90,000 times.

Sara’s Not Alone

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Source: Imgur/ Jdt103

It’s so disheartening to see this trend of young people telling each other what they should and should not wear based solely on their weight and body type. It makes you wonder what type of insecurities they’re dealing with themselves to have the nerve to push their superficial standards on others.

Similarly to Sara, this young woman saw the hateful tweets and modeled the very clothes they told her she couldn’t. It’s so awful that girls consider 125 or 130 pounds to be too heavy. Still, it’s more than high schoolers who are affected by this viral body shaming.