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AWESOME Girls That Take Down Fat Shamers on Twitter

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Iskra Lawrence

body shaming iskra lawrence in bathing suit

Source: Instagram @iamiskra

But it’s not just teenagers who become victims of body shaming and develop body image problems due to harassment online and in public. 25-year-old professional plus-size model Iskra Lawrence is doing awesome work to shut down body shamers and promote healthy, happy bodies as well.

An ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, Lawrence is still no stranger to trolls and haters commenting on her Instagram and other social media. But after commenters called her a “fat cow” and said that “people like her eating too many bags of crisps” leads to obesity, she had the PERFECT response…

“This is for anyone who has ever been called fat.”

body shaming iskra lawrence potato chips

Source: Instagram @iamiskra

When Lawrence posted a picture of her posing surrounded by bags of chips, fans lauded her bold response to the body shamers. Still, the model clarified. “I do not condone binge-eating. I eat whatever I want in moderation. I will eat crisps, but I’ll also make healthy, home-cooked meals and work out regularly.”

Stressing the importance of taking care of our bodies in order to be both healthy and happy, Lawrence wrote, “This message is who gives a F what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are the only one who decides your self worth.”

All About That Waist

body shaming meghan trainor

Source: Twitter @Meghan_Trainor @sternshow

Even celebrities feel the pressure of staying in unrealistic shape, and famous women often bear the brunt of body shaming and unfair double standards. Still, there are plenty of famous role models to look to for positive body image.

This week, news of Meghan Trainor forcing her editing team to un-photoshop her waist in her latest music video for “Me Too” made headlines and became a testament towards her ‘love yourself’ mantra. What other celebrities do you depend on to keep you feeling good about yourself?

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