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15 Awkward Stories From People Who Got Walked in on by Their Parents

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Don’t You Know How to Knock?

Sexuality can be tricky.

Rarely is this more true than when we’re young and first experiencing the physical and emotional changes so analogous to puberty.

This change from childhood to adulthood is filled with growth, curiosity, and exploration, much of which becomes sexual as we try and understand our wants and needs whether alone or with a partner. Unstable as we already are during these years, the process becomes more complicated by social stigmas and taboos as well as pressure and expectations from friends and family. How can we find out who we truly are with so many people around us?

Living at home while attempting to have our first sexual exploits is anything but easy. What with parents, siblings, and numerous other relatives floating in and around the house on their own schedules, when are you supposed to get a moment alone, not to mention some private time with a potential love interest?

Inevitably, there are bound to be some awkward moments. Have you ever been walking in on by a parent or other family member? Or perhaps you’re the one who walked in on a scene you would have rather avoided. Whether a hilarious encounter or otherwise the most embarrassing moment of your life forever scarred into your brain, walking in on stories never go out of style.

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Prepare for the most awkward stories you’ll read today…

Risky Business

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My first gf. We were up in her room and she was going down on me, amazingly I might add. Her room was at the top of the stairs in her parents house, and all of a sudden we heard her mom coming up the stairs. Shocked, I widened my eyes as I heard the footsteps get closer…she called her name out once, and my gf didn’t respond…I was fuckin shocked but she KEPT GOING when her mom knocked on her bedroom door. JUST before she walked in, she pulled up/off, and as the door opened my shirt got down low enough to cover myself before her mom could see anything amiss. Mom smiles at my gf and me, makes small talk for a second, SITS THE F**K DOWN NEXT TO ME ON THE BED, more small talk, and then gets up and leaves. We looked at eachother and fell over laughing our asses off. I came while the mom was talking to us btw, managed to keep a straight face. Ah high school, the good ole days. (aries4883)

Man & Wife

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I have two stories. One is mine. One is my wife’s.

Me: Mom worked. Dad was medically retired. He would go visit my grandmother in the nursing home every day to make sure she ate her lunch. No parents home. Horny guy. Nympho girlfriend. We were going at it in the living room that has French doors leading to the back porch. We weren’t paying attention as we were “into it”, Dad got home early, opens the door from the porch. Sees what’s happening, turns around and sits on the porch. Girlfriend is humiliated. Gets dressed and leaves. Dad walks back in and says: “I don’t blame you for getting some. I was young once too. Just be glad it was me and not your Mom”

*Met my wife we we were both in our late 20’s and told stories about our “pasts”. That what it is. The past. She married me. *

Wife: 17 years old and Mom had gone to the grocery store. Boyfriend comes over and they go at it. Mom walks in the house, goes to the closed door, hears what’s going on and goes and sits in the living room down the hall. Wife and BF come out later and Mom is there. Mom says: “I was going to knock but I decided to let you finish”. Too bad her Mom died before we met. Sounded like a cool chick! (Jaybird1974)