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15 Awkward Stories From People Who Got Walked in on by Their Parents

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Grandma’s Boy

cup of tea next to bed

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It’s not specifically about the verge of cumming, but… when my friend lived with his grandmother, he was having a hand shandy with headphones on. He had his eyes closed, imagining something perverted no doubt. When he finished, he Sat up to clean himself upand found a cup of hot tea on his bedside table that wasn’t there when he began (Th3_W4nk3r)

It sounds like one of them bulls**t stories that circulate round school playgrounds but I want to believe. (Tea_Total)

Late Night

man watching late night tv porn

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I’m at my house, its like 2:30 am…first a little backstory, my dad at the time just had back surgery and was given percoset (the ultra strong shit) and it made him super f**ked up. he also would routinely wake up in the middle of the night to go get something to drink (nothing to do with the medicine)…

Back to the story, so it’s 2:30am, I’m in my room watching the latest softcore bullshit skinimax has to offer, yanking my dick like a confused chimp when I hear his bedroom door open. obviously, I pause, wait for footsteps the other way, and keep on beating myself at one on one tug of war. Little did I realize in my horn-dog head, that the steps came towards me. Then as I’m standing up to blow a load (jizzed right onto the carpet in those days, sue me, at least it wasn’t a box or my pillowcase you sick bastards), my dad cracks the door and pops his head in, high as all f**k. “Hey TheVinegarStrokes, what are you doing? It’s really late you know…”

So obviously, I sit down and finishing nutting on my legs (gross), and he sits down next to me, takes one look at the TV, mumbles something about needing water and left me. One hand clutching the remote, desperately trying to mute the TV, the other hand still holding my fleeting erection.

TL;DR: I came, he saw, he went. (TheVinegarStrokes)

Scare Tactics

hacking anoynmous man computer test


I’m a kid who got walked in on. Our computer was in a side room, with the monitor facing the window. The window looked out on a raised porch, so if you just happened to be outside, you couldn’t see what was on the monitor, only that the computer was on. To get to the window, you had to climb the stairs to the far side of the porch then walk all the way to the end, so normally it was a pretty safe situation.

Well on weekends, I had no curfew, and after my mom and sister went to bed around midnight, I usually had a two-hour window or so to get my business done and get off before my dad came home. Well one night, he got off early and I guess he noticed the monitor light when he was driving up and decided to scare me. So I’m sittin there goin to town, and I hear a slam on the glass and my name. I jump a mile and turn around to see my dad making his best scary face … Which slowly turns to a look of horror as he realizes what he’s looking in at.
He slowly backed away from the window, I heard the front door open, close, his bedroom door open, close, and he didn’t make eye contact with me for another two days. (Methuga)