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Back to School Time! Redditors Reveal Their Worst School Memories

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Back to School, Back to School…

Did you love school or hate it with every fiber of your being?

People are torn when it comes to the topic of school. While most of us recognize how essential and beneficial it is for all of us, that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. For some, school represented a veritable prison that they were forced into until leaving or graduating from high school. For others, school was freedom, and many of us continue to go to school as adults. Who wouldn’t love to be a “professional student” if possible?

Looking back, are you memories of school good or bad? Redditors were asked to share their worst school memories and nightmares, and these might just take you for a walk down memory lane…

school nightmares teacher hits student with axe

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Getting schooled by school…

The Accident

woman peed her pants

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I had to pee. Then I asked to go to the restroom. The substitute (full time teacher for another class) said, “You don’t have to pee. Just sit down.”

After a bit more pleading and begging I just peed my pants. I was 8 and totally mortified. What made it worse is that the teacher told my parents that I should have spoken up earlier and accidents happen.

I still think I should have peed on her desk. (madhatter09)

The Showers

legs in shower

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When I was in middle school (11-13yo for those of you outside of the US), I had to help put away the equipment after PE. The closet was locked and the teacher said he’d be right back. We had to take showers after PE, because that’s what you want to do when you just start puberty is be naked in front of 25 of your friends. This was last period so if you wanted to catch your bus, you didn’t want to be late.

So I waited and waited. The teacher never came back so I went looking for him. He got the key. I put the equipment away and skipped the shower. I was barely dressed when the bell rang and I started to leave. The teacher lays into me for not taking a shower. I explained it was his fault. That didn’t go over well. He made me take a shower and oversaw the whole thing. I’m sure this is comical to young people now who could imagine their parents outrage, but this was a different time (1980). Parents barking orders at the school wasn’t a thing yet. So after the shower he lets me go. I miss the bus and walked home on a cold November day all because this a**hole locked a closet. (HoopeerDrivesChief8)