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Back to School Time! Redditors Reveal Their Worst School Memories

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That’s the Ticket

twin stories failed test

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A couple weeks into my freshman year, I transferred into a more advanced science class. On my first day in the new class there is a quiz. I asked the teacher if I was exempt from the quiz, since it was my first day. She said no. I did well, especially for not having been taught any of the material. Here’s what bugged me: The final question on the test was “What country is ticket from?” Of course I got it wrong. The sentence doesn’t even make sense. She wouldn’t give me any clarification during the test, so once it was graded I asked what in the world she meant. Turns out “ticket” is her pet bird, Ticket. For one, capitalize the name of your pet. Also, that’s not an appropriate test question. I told the teacher I had no idea that was her bird. She said “Well, now that you know I’m talking about my bird, I’ll give you another chance. What country is my bird from?” I was stunned that she thought I was now equipped to answer this question. I wasn’t in class to hear her reveal where her bird was “from.” I guessed something like Chile. She says “Wrong. It’s Africa.” AFRICA!? That’s not a country. I was so mad.

She also arrogantly proclaimed every so often for the first few weeks if anyone spotted her making an error, they get an instant A for the year. I can’t count how many times I busted her in class, but she never stuck to her word.

Last of all, some random girls I didn’t even know told the teacher I taught the bird swear words, and I got in trouble for that. I never said a word, much less swear words, to her bird. (Jos1986)

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The Sore Loser

blue whale swimming ocean

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I was in the school finals of some general knowledge quiz/competition. The question I was asked was: “What is the collective noun for a group of Whales?”

I answered confidently: “a pod”.

The illiterate bloody teacher had “a school” written on her answer card. Refused to listen when I assured her it was indeed “a pod”. Her ignorance cost me the grand title and I was practically in tears (in front of the whole school) at the injustice of it. Everyone then labelled me as a bad loser.

Will never forget it. Still seethe on it from time to time. It happened in 1985. (pawnografik)

The Double Standard

gross water bottles

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A teacher told me I couldn’t keep a bottle of water in my locker because “it could be vodka or something.”

I told her she could smell it and check. She said, “that’s not my job” and that I could just use the drinking fountain.

I asked her if she would use the drinking fountain instead of her mug/the tap in the teachers’ lounge.

She wouldn’t answer. (requiresimprovement)