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Baffled Millennials Can’t Figure Out How to Work Walkman

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“Mom… Can You Stop Videotaping Me?”

One of the most beautiful things about raising a family is when parents share mementos from their past with their children, and suddenly two generations clash in confusion and laughter.

I remember hearing stories from my mom and dad as well as seeing pictures of their houses growing up and being totally in awe of the strange sights and colors, but what always struck me the most was the radically different technology.

From home goods to electronics to cars, one of the most noticeable differences between generations is the style and use of technology, and in this hilarious video, it’s no different.

millennials can't use walkman 1

Source: YouTube @Lena Hyde

What happens when a married couple has their children try and load a tape into a walkman? This is PRICELESS. Start the slideshow below to see their many failed attempts, and then SHARE if this cracks you up!

“Mom, Do You Know How to Do It?”

millennials can't work walkman 2

Source: YouTube @Lena Hyde

Videos like this crack me up. Some YouTube channels have entire series devoted to having millennials test things, and the focus is usually on outdate or passé technology. The tortured faces and laughable reactions are almost too much to bear.

I grew up in the ’90s, so while I had a fair amount of experience with tapes, I was no expert. To this day, I still find them pretty confusing to load and especially to store in their little cases. So I can totally empathize with these kids when mom Lena had them try and load her old walkman.

“Let Calvin Try It, He’s a Boy Scout.”

millennials can't work walkman 3

Source: YouTube @Lena Hyde

Famous last words, much?

This video is almost hard to watch because of how frustrating it is to watch the kids try and load the tape from some crazy angles. I absolutely lost it when the other brother finally gets a chance to try, and the first thing he does is try and put in the tape diagonally; I’m still laughing. Guess Boy Scouts didn’t prepare him for this!