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Barbie Gets A Makeover And 3 New Body Types!

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And Finally, As If She Couldn’t Get Any Taller, The “Tall” Barbie!

Source: Mattel

Looking good, girls! As you can tell from the racial diversity among these dolls, Barbie caught onto the that social justice issue a long time before they picked up on the body image memo.

But these new body types actually bring up a lot of really controversial questions — keep reading to see the big issues Mattel is facing.

Problem Number 1: What Barbie Do You Buy For Whom?

regular barbie and curvy barbie

Source: Mattel

It’s your 8-year-old daughter’s birthday, and she receives a “curvy” Barbie as a gift from a friend — how are you supposed to take that implication? And how will young children respond to the curvy Barbie? Just because it’s an option, does that mean girls will actually want it? Only time will tell how the etiquette of Barbie gifting will develop now, but one thing’s for sure: you don’t just have to decide between teacher and doctor Barbie anymore.

Problem Number 2: The Slippery Slope

barbie dolls

Source: Mattel

In 2016, there’s more than just 1 way for people to be offended. There was a time when the only women Barbie dolls represented were tall, skinny, rich, beautiful white women, and now the doors have been opened to girls of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with a variety of life paths and body shapes. But what about Barbies with disabilities? Where are the Barbies from poor backgrounds, what if my child was born without an arm? Where’s the Barbie doll for her?

Obviously, this new line of dolls is a step in the right direction, and there is only so much that Mattel can do to make their dolls appeal to a wide audience. And in the end, Barbie’s are just toys — how much pressure can we put on them to raise our children?

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