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Be a Real Mermaid with This Awesome Gift Idea

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No More Pretending

What little kid, and, okay, adult, hasn’t dreamt of being a mermaid? Whether it’s because of The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, or just our own fantasies, mermaids are some of the most beautiful mythical creatures in fiction.

Now, make your kids’ dreams (or your own dreams!) come true with one of the cleverest (and coziest!) items on the internet: handmade mermaid blankets.

mermaid blanket intro

Source: Etsy/ CassJamesDesign

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Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket 1

Source: Etsy/ CassJamesDesign

What’s better than lounging around the house, half buried under a super cozy throw blanket or comforter? From the time we’re young, most of us have a favorite blanket lying around somewhere that we spend hour after hour neatly tucked under.

Now what if your favorite blanket doubly served to make you look like a mermaid? Game over.

Melanie Campbell

mermaid blanket 2

Source: Etsy/ CassJamesDesign

On her Etsy shop, Melanie Campbell sells a variety of crocheted items. From ponchos and caps to sweaters and scarves, her products are beautiful and personalized, all painstakingly crafted by hand.