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Before and After: Bad Movie Title Translations

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When Lost in Translation Becomes More Than Just a Bill Murray Movie

Movie titles are the very carefully chosen products of years of work from the hands of many people. Titles need to be memorable, powerful, straightforward, and, more often than not, they hold special meaning that we might not pick up on until after we see the film.

Yet there’s one small thing that can quickly undo all of that work: translation.

Pushing movies to the international box office is important to studios, who can rake in millions simply by adding some subtitles or sending the original version to be watched in English abroad. Even more interesting is the dubbing industry that exists in so many nations that wish to redo movies in their own native languages.

At the moment, China is Hollywood’s biggest ally in terms of finding fans to watch films that American critics and audiences might pan and wholly disregard. Wouldn’t you know, movie titles translated into Chinese also become some of the most convoluted, and the result is just too funny not to share.

Take Lost in Translation in Portuguese: Meetings and Failures in Meetings. Now that’s what they call irony…

movies lost in translation


Ready for a laugh? These movies take on a whole new meaning with their bad title translations!

Some Like It Hot = Going Crazy in Skirts (Spain)

movies some like it hot

Source: Twitter @pandapadilla

The Full Monty = Six Naked Pigs (China)

movies full monty


Well that’s not very nice.