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Before and After: Childhood Photos Awesomely Recreated Decades Later

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Say, “Cheese!”

These days everyone seems to upload photos of every meal, daily selfies and more baby photos than anyone actually wants to see. But back in the day, most of our families didn’t have the means to take endless shots on film, that had to get chemically processed. Photos taken were usually one-and-done on a special occasion or family outing, so they were extra precious and something you shared mainly with family and friends, not the entire world.

But with the advent of the internet, we can keep up with loved ones across the world. Not only that, but we can share hilarious photos, gifs and memes with strangers. I like to think that our culture has gotten a lot funnier and more enjoyable because of it. Aside from looking at cats, one of my favorite things on the internet is this trend of people uploading old family photos that they decided to recreate many years later as closely as they could. What looks cute as a baby looks creepy as an adult. You need to see these before and afters and get inspired to make your own.

then and now of son lying on mothers lap

Source: Imgur @usernametheysay

Move over, Annie Leibowitz, these are the important portraits of our time.

My New Best Friend

then and now photo of girl with middle finger and jack daniels

Source: Imgur @usernametheysay

Neon green socks are timeless.


then and now of girl showing off on wood floor

Source: Imgur @usernametheysay

Wait. Where did she find those sunglasses? Did she keep them all these years?