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Bernie or Hillary? See Where They Stand on Unimportant Issues

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In a race this close, these memes could be the deciding issues.

The Iowa Caucus is done and the results are in. While Ted Cruz may have taken the Republican lead with 3.4% more support than Trump and 4.6% more votes than Marco Rubio, the Democratic Party saw a much more narrow divide.

Though Hillary Clinton is championing her victory in Iowa, she only won the Caucus by 0.2% and was neck and neck with Senator Bernie Sanders the entire night. Clearly, Democratic voters have not yet been swayed by one candidate or the other.

And since voters already know Clinton and Sanders’s stances on the big topics like healthcare and immigration, maybe it’s time we looked elsewhere on the spectrum to see where these politicians really stand. After all, when it comes to electing a president, no topic is too small or unimportant. Example one: Sriracha sauce.

bernie or hillary sriracha

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A hilarious meme was trending on Twitter this weekend pinning Bernie vs. Hillary on the issues that really matter to the voters, like jazz and Harry Potter. Clearly the facetious meme generator was made by Bernie supporters, but we can’t get enough of the preposterous responses.

Now that’s a debate I’d love to watch…

Better not to mention this in front of Chelsea.

bernie or hillary children

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Endless salad and breadsticks for all Americans!

bernie or hillary olive garden

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