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Best Camouflage Humor on the Internet

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Now You See Me…

…Now you don’t!

One of the best types of humor on the internet, hands down, is camouflage humor. These collections of memes, pictures, and even GIFs across social media may seem droll to some, but to people like me, it’s one of the most clever types of comedy out there.

The gist is that you take a picture that involves a person or thing decked out in camo, and pretend that the thing is totally invisible. Think your imagination is big enough for that?

Then give this gallery a try, and prepare to see some of the saddest, funniest pictures around.

came humor new intro

Source: memecenter


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Forever Alone

camo humor intro

Source: Brown Cardigan

SMH this poor girl all alone at the diner.

Out to the Ball Game

camo humor 8

Source: Twitter @aidenvanloan

So sad to see someone at the game alone.