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Best Celebrity Name Puns of All Time

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Let’s Have Some Pun With This!

Some people think puns are totally bananas, but I find them very appealing! One of the most important things you can have to make it in Hollywood is a flashy name — I mean, how many people do you know in real life with names like Leonardo DiCaprio or Reese Witherspoon? While these names help celebrities market themselves with a personal brand, they also make great fodder for terrible, awesome name puns.

Feeling punny? Check out the best celebrity name puns in the gallery below! Don’t forget to SHARE after reading!

Sarah Palin pun

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Start the slideshow below to see some of your favorite celebrities in hilarious pun form!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzennegar pun


He’s the Terminator. He’s the original predator of Predators. He’s… getting kinda old.

Ellen Page

Ellen page pun


Ever since Ellen page came out as gay last year, you could say that she’s kind of an open BOOK.