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People Are Guessing What NASA Will Find on Jupiter and Things Are Getting Out of Hand

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What Will NASA Find on Jupiter?

This week marked the exciting arrival of the space probe Juno into the orbit of Jupiter after nearly five year’s of journeying across the Solar System.

The spacecraft is specifically designed to study the planet’s gravity and magnetic fields, as well as how the planet formed, if there is water on it, and if it has a rocky core.

Though Juno is officially said to be an acronym for “JUpiter Near-polar Orbiter,” scientists and classics lovers are having the last laugh, for while some of Jupiter’s moons are named after the Roman god’s lovers, Juno is the name of his wife. Be it as it were, this historic mission to the gas giant is really just like a wife coming to check in on her unfaithful husband.

Before NASA even begins to get back the information collected by Juno, the rest of us have wildly been guessing just what they might discover on Jupiter, so much in fact that it quickly became a viral trending hashtag on Twitter.

found on jupiter pokemon go

Source: Twitter @darth

Here are the best guesses for #ThingsFoundOnJupiter!


found on jupiter matt damon martian

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Matt Damon growing potatoes in his poop… he’s now the Jupiterian. @gigirules7

There You Are

found on jupiter amelia earhart

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Amelia Earhart. Her GPS was way off. Thanks, Siri! (GuapoFlames)