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BIG Changes to the SAT. Are You Smart Enough to Pass?

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Fewer yet Longer Sections

new sat timing

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The new SAT will consist of fewer sections, but the ones remaining will be longer than in the past. Students preparing for the new test will have to train accordingly in order to master their timing.

Multiple Step Questions

new SAT writing

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In an ongoing effort to have students demonstrate their logic and reasoning, the new SAT will featured multiple step questions that will force students to work through longer problems and explain their reasoning as they move from step to step. Online resources are available to help students prepare strategies for such questions.

Optional Essay

new SAT essay

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Finally, one of the biggest changes on the new test is the optional essay. Students choosing to write an essay will be able to show off their writing and reasoning skills to colleges, but it will push up their total test time to 3 hours and 50 minutes. Without the essay, the test only lasts 3 hours, compared to the former length of 3 hours and 45 minutes.