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Blind Cat Gets A Second Chance With Help From A Seeing Eye Kitten!

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Have You Ever Heard of A Seeing Eye Dog?

I’m sure you have. They’re not all that uncommon, actually! HOWEVER, have you ever heard of a seeing eye kitten? Oh, you haven’t? Well, you’ve heard of unicorns, but that doesn’t necessarily make them real!

All joking aside, we really hadn’t heard of a seeing eye kitten before today either, but now that we have, BOY, are we excited about it. I mean, what if you lose your sight in an unfortunate accident and you’re allergic to dogs? Or what if you’re a CAT and you lose your vision? You probably wouldn’t want a seeing eye dog, then!

cat with seeing eye kitten

Source: Instagram @clevelandapl

Without giving away too much, an Ohio rescue cat named Steuben found himself a little lost in the dark, and a furry friend was never far away to give him a helping paw!

Keep reading to find out how this adorable little pair came together!

This is Steuben

blind cat at animal shelter in ohio

Source: Twitter @SaraGoldenberg

Steuben is only 6 months old, but he’s already known a long, hard life. He was found abandoned in Ohio and taken under the wing of the Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL). When he was born, Steuben’s eyes were shrunken and had to be removed surgically.

In Comes Precious

seeing eye cat helps blind cat at animal shelter in ohio

Source: Twitter @SaraGoldenberg

3-month-old Precious found herself down and out when she wound up at the APL shelter in Cleveland. But then, something amazing happened! She was introduced to a cat named Steuben, and instantly the two formed a bond that transcends any handicap.