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Blind Cat Gets A Second Chance With Help From A Seeing Eye Kitten!

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Friends For Life

The two adorable cats really enjoy spending their time together, and Precious has lived up to her name in as an asset in Steuben’s life — she taps him whenever it is time to eat and leads him over to the food bowl. In return, Steuben generously grooms little Precious with a warm tongue bath!

But that’s not all….keep reading to find see a video of a seeing eye kitten in action, and to find out how you can help Steuben and Precious out of their slump!

Now, They’re Looking For A Forever Home — Together!

blind cat at animal shelter in ohio

Source: Twitter @saragoldenberg

Now that the Cleveland APL has discovered a loving bond that seems to be a solution to Steuben’s blindness, they’re eager to let the cats grow up together in their forever home! You can find more information about adopting the adorable duo at

Want To See A Seeing Eye Kitten In Action?

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So as of now, there are no videos of Steuben and Precious going each other a helping paw out there, but here’s proof that it can be done – even cross species! Watch the video, and if you like it, don’t forget to SHARE this story with your friends! You know they need to see this!