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Blind Hoarder Didn’t Know Her Dead Son Was in Her Home for 20 Years!

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woman hoarder in kitchen

Credit: A&E

Navigating the house of a hoarder is difficult enough. But being blind, Rita must have had an extremely difficult time finding items in her house. So it does make sense she wouldn’t have found her son if his room was completely covered over. One of the officers who arrived on the scene said her house seemed like “a garbage truck had dumped its load” filled it with trash and then covered it in cobwebs.

How did he die?

human skeleton

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Investigators aren’t quite sure the cause of death, considering the man has been decaying for two decades. No foul play from Rita is suspected; it is currently assumed that he died of natural causes. There are no reports of Rita’s reaction to the finding of her son in her own home, but we can only imagine she was shocked and chagrined.

It happens more than you think


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An Indiana woman was found living with the dead body of her husband for nine months before he was discovered in 1995. And that same year, a Florida man’s mother was found abandoned on the couch of his home in 2015 as he collected her social security. SMH.

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