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Blocked Google Earth Images

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Google Earth is one of the coolest features on the internet. You can look at countries, cities and even streets that are halfway around the world without leaving your chair. It’s a rad age to live in! But Google doesn’t want you to see everything. Why are certain areas blocked off by Google? There’s lots of conspiracy theories about why.

pacific northwest

Source: Google Earth

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Portlaoise Prison, Ireland

ireland google earth

Source: Google Earth

While many images are blurred over in secret spots, this one isn’t. But it isn’t exactly the truth either. If you look at the prison in the photo, you may notice that the colors of the image don’t match with its surroundings. That’s because the image of the prison on Google Earth is of an old prison? Why? It’s believed to be a security precaution to stop people planning an escape from the facility. Smart!

Kangtega, Nepal

nepal google earth

Source: Google Earth

Kangtega is a giant mountain peak in the Himalayasal. For reasons no one can explain, it’s blacked out on Google Earth. Some say it’s a system glitch. I say it’s where The League of Assassins is.