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Blue Power Ranger Claims He Quit Show Because of Anti-Gay Remarks

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How the Blue Ranger Learned to Embrace the Rainbow

Many of us who grew up in the ’90s can still recall the lasting impact that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had on pop culture. From fixedly watching the show every afternoon on Fox Kids to themed birthday parties to fighting over which Power Ranger we were while playing pretend, the martial artist “teenagers with attitude” turned morphing superheroes were the pinnacle of cool.

Who was your favorite Power Ranger? Was it Jason, the ever-popular alpha male Red Ranger? Maybe you wanted to be more like driven Trini or sassy Kimberly, or, if you were anything like me, your favorite was Tommy Oliver, the mysterious Green Ranger. Then again, if you were smarter or more sensible, you may have liked Blue Ranger Billy Cranston most of all.

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A stereotypical nerd but dedicated and loyal friend and teammate, Billy Cranston, played by actor David Yost, grew over the first few seasons from a wimpy braniac into a formidable fighter and tech guru. The last of the original Rangers to leave the show, fans may have been surprised when Yost originally walked away from the series, but it wouldn’t be for over a decade that the real reason behind his sudden departure came to light.

And it wasn’t over a contract dispute…

Yost had lasted longer on the series than any of the original Rangers, from the first run in 1993 through Power Rangers Zeo in 1996. Shortly before Billy was to be written off the show, Yost walked away from production.

The initial reason given for Yost’s departure was that there was a salary dispute. Billy’s final scenes were filmed using old footage from earlier episodes and an uncredited voice actor.

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